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Calling ALL Animal Lovers – Events on 17th & 20th July!

"Animals are Angels of the Earth. They are healers. They keep the Earth in balance, which helps heal the Earth, and they often take on much of the stress and tension of the people they love and live with, in an attempt to heal their human friends.  They are here on this Earth to help… Continue reading Calling ALL Animal Lovers – Events on 17th & 20th July!

2018 Energies

July 2018 Energy Forecast Part 1

The energy of our planet is shifting massively, and this will continue for most of 2018, so be prepared for some more BIG spiritual shifts! We will see even more turbulent weather, natural disasters and man-made challenges happening over the rest of 2018. More 'truths' will come out that may shock a number of people. All of… Continue reading July 2018 Energy Forecast Part 1

2018 Energies

June 2018 Energy Forecast

Congratulations on completing the first half of 2018 and welcome to the NEW Heart Centred energy! I wanted to begin with a reminder of what the energies of 2018 are all about, as the energy in this moment is about centering ourselves, finding balance and remembering why we are here! 2018 is all about self… Continue reading June 2018 Energy Forecast

2018 Energies

May 2018 Energy Forecast

Happy Beltane! May is going to be a powerful energy month and we begin with Beltane on 1st May! Beltane officially begins at moon-rise on May Day Eve, and marks the beginning of the third quarter or second half of the ancient Celtic year. Beltane is about honouring life. It is the time when the sun is… Continue reading May 2018 Energy Forecast

2018 Energies

April 2018 Energy Forecast

Happy April! April's keywords are Rest, Re-balance & Rejuvenate! March was a tough month energetically and one of the reasons I am writing this later than usual is that I took some time off over Easter to spend with my family to give myself a rest! The first week of April was still quite busy… Continue reading April 2018 Energy Forecast