2019 Energies

May 2019 Energy Update

    May's 3 words given to us by Spirit are STILLNESS, TRUST and STRENGTH. April was all about healing old patterns so we could come back into alignment and balance and feel the Divine love for what is ahead, therefore becoming more confident in our intuition and want we want. Many of us may… Continue reading May 2019 Energy Update

2019 Energies

April 2019 Energy Update

We have shifted so much over the course of the last few months and as we move into April we are going to feel much more open and invigorated to take the next steps! Spirit give me 3 words each week for the weekly energy forecasts I now write for Members of Blissful Boosts. This… Continue reading April 2019 Energy Update

2019 Energies

March 2019 Energy Update

March is the 3rd month in the Universal '3' year, so there will be lots happening cosmically this month. Even with all the cosmic movements, March’s energies are softer and more serene, which does hold the space for us to integrate and grow, although it may not feel like it at times! But these softer… Continue reading March 2019 Energy Update

2019 Energies

February 2019 Energy Update

I am so excited that February is now here!! January was a challenging month in many ways, but it was also the start of a new beginning. We had BIG energy periods during January, which included two Eclipses. These brought up a lot of old emotions to clear and release, so we could move forward… Continue reading February 2019 Energy Update

2018 Energies

September 2018 Energy Forecast

Wow! What a ride these last few months have been! Life as we know it has had a shake up!  September is finally here and we have entered a new energy period, which begins this month and runs until December 2018. This energy is much more action orientated and we can finally move forward more… Continue reading September 2018 Energy Forecast

Energies of 2015

Summer Solstice – June Energies Part 2!

I felt the urge to write about the solstice today as the energies are gaining intensity as we work our way through June!  The solstice feels like a turning point and I wanted to share what I am getting through from Spirit as well as take the opportunity to celebrate how far we have come!… Continue reading Summer Solstice – June Energies Part 2!

Energies of 2015

2015 Energies – The Year of Abundance!

I was looking back at what I had written about 2014 and it made a lot of sense!  2014 supported our next stage of growth and helped us all to look at the darker side of ourselves, which is never pretty, but a necessity to reach the higher stages of spiritual growth! We released, as… Continue reading 2015 Energies – The Year of Abundance!