2017 Energies

September 2017 Energy Forecast

What a month August was!!!  I had an intense clearing period around the Eclipse and I know I am not alone with so many old emotions coming up to be dealt with!  The energies have been strong and we have ALL received a huge influx of light, energy downloads and are experiencing shifts within and… Continue reading September 2017 Energy Forecast

2017 Energies

August 2017 Energy Forecast

August is going to be one of the biggest energy month's of the year!!  It is a month of change, clearing, endings and connecting back with our true selves!  There will be shifts in our minds, bodies and souls.  So, expect the unexpected!   There is so much happening energetically and astrologically during August I felt… Continue reading August 2017 Energy Forecast

2017 Energies

July 2017 Energy Forecast

July is a time of trust, love & connection. July is a time of allowing. Please take a moment to really FEEL the word 'ALLOW'.  What does this word feel like to you?  What is your first thought? Allowing for me is about letting things flow to take their natural course.  However, when I feel… Continue reading July 2017 Energy Forecast

2017 Energies

June 2017 Energy Forecast

May was quite an emotional rollercoaster for many of us!  You may have also found other people's emotions running high last month, which had an impact on your own emotional state!  The energy felt chaotic at times and you may have had a few restless nights as our sleep patterns were disrupted!  May was a… Continue reading June 2017 Energy Forecast

2017 Energies

May 2017 Energy Forecast

There are so many things to say about May's energies, it feels like an exciting month and it is time to start moving forward again! As there are so many things happening this month, I felt like I should split them into parts so you can see each step clearly and understand how it all… Continue reading May 2017 Energy Forecast

2017 Energies

April 2017 Energy Forecast

Happy April!  Spring has sprung and a new beginning is happening right now after the difficult energies of March! As many of you may have seen I didn't write a March energy forecast and have been rather absent from Facebook and sending out my regular monthly newsletter.  My Mum passed away in March, so I… Continue reading April 2017 Energy Forecast

2016 Energies

March 2016 Energy Forecast

Hang on to your hats this month as March is going to be a powerful and transformational time! We will have six supermoons in 2016. Depending on your time zone, the first one will fall on March 8 or 9, 2016.  This one isn’t a full supermoon.  Rather, it’s a new supermoon. In fact, the… Continue reading March 2016 Energy Forecast