2019 Energies

February 2019 Energy Update

I am so excited that February is now here!! January was a challenging month in many ways, but it was also the start of a new beginning. We had BIG energy periods during January, which included two Eclipses. These brought up a lot of old emotions to clear and release, so we could move forward… Continue reading February 2019 Energy Update

2016 Energies

February 2016 Energy Forecast – Part 2!

I wanted to write another energy update for February as there is so much happening energetically, yet it may also feel like there is nothing happening at all!  Let me explain what I feel is going on! Between now and the 22nd Feb; it is very much a time of patience, acceptance and trust!  It… Continue reading February 2016 Energy Forecast – Part 2!

2016 Energies

February 2016 Energy Forecast

When I wrote in the 2016 overview about time this year going at warp speed, I didn't quite realise what 'warp speed' actually meant until January came and went in a complete blur!!   The energy was a little harsh in places last month and Mercury Retrograde certainly rocked our world even more than normal! February… Continue reading February 2016 Energy Forecast

Energies of 2015

February 2015 Energies

February is a lot more peaceful than January, thank goodness, and you may find that everything has started to slow down a little and you have a bit more time!  The new energy of 2015 has now settled in and integrated, which was the reason that January seemed rather chaotic as we were all still… Continue reading February 2015 Energies