Energies of 2015

Full Moon Energies (Nov 2015)

I wanted to write another energy update as there is so much happening right now!  We have been receiving energy upgrades for most of this month, mainly since 11.11 as this was a major gateway and a key time for us all. The full moon on Wed 25th November is another key date and will… Continue reading Full Moon Energies (Nov 2015)

Energies of 2015

July Energies

Many of us have felt a bit overwhelmed during the last couple of weeks as the Solstice energy worked its magic!  You may still be feeling in the midst of the energy and perhaps emotions are coming up for you.  I want you to know that it is okay to feel whatever it is you… Continue reading July Energies

The Energies of 2013

Weekly Energy Update 25th – 31st March 2013

Release, let go & YOU will find that the Energies just flow! I wanted to start this week's energy update with a focus on the Full Moon that is coming up on 27th March. As you all know I am not an astrologer, but I feel that this week and this date specifically will be… Continue reading Weekly Energy Update 25th – 31st March 2013