2019 Energies

April 2019 Energy Update

We have shifted so much over the course of the last few months and as we move into April we are going to feel much more open and invigorated to take the next steps! Spirit give me 3 words each week for the weekly energy forecasts I now write for Members of Blissful Boosts. This… Continue reading April 2019 Energy Update

2018 Energies

Weekly Energy Tune Ups Starting 28th December!

The first Tune Up begins on Friday 28th December for the w/c Monday 31st December, so you are ready for 2019! Would YOU like a healing session each week to clear your energy? Would YOU like to receive an exclusive energy forecast for the week ahead? Would YOU like to connect with a group of… Continue reading Weekly Energy Tune Ups Starting 28th December!

Spiritual Articles

What is an Attunement and How Can It Help You?

I wanted to write this article as an attunement is a wonderful way to give yourself healing and to enable you to grow spiritually. It is my belief and that of many others, that receiving an attunement is a faster way to heal or clear yourself than just enjoying a healing session from a healer.… Continue reading What is an Attunement and How Can It Help You?

Spiritual Articles

Spiritual & Physical Energy

I've been wanting to write about this subject for a while and now is the perfect time as I have just finished learning all of my lessons about this topic, which I can now share with you! I have learnt over the last few years that there is a big difference between our physical and… Continue reading Spiritual & Physical Energy

Spiritual Articles

Colour Chart

This is a colour chart I created as I believe colour plays such an important role in helping us to heal and I can tell what a person's energy is like by it's colour. Look which colour or colours you are drawn to and then depending on how you feel (high energy or low energy),… Continue reading Colour Chart