2018 Energies

July 2018 Energy Forecast Part 1

The energy of our planet is shifting massively, and this will continue for most of 2018, so be prepared for some more BIG spiritual shifts! We will see even more turbulent weather, natural disasters and man-made challenges happening over the rest of 2018. More 'truths' will come out that may shock a number of people. All of… Continue reading July 2018 Energy Forecast Part 1

2017 Energies

July 2017 Energy Forecast

July is a time of trust, love & connection. July is a time of allowing. Please take a moment to really FEEL the word 'ALLOW'.  What does this word feel like to you?  What is your first thought? Allowing for me is about letting things flow to take their natural course.  However, when I feel… Continue reading July 2017 Energy Forecast

The Energies of 2014

The Next Part of July 2014!

I felt guided to write another energy update for July as this is quite a pivotal month in 2014 for the new energies coming through, especially right now! If you read my previous energy update,  I said that the energy will change again mid-way through July and the focus will become action-orientated, plus we may… Continue reading The Next Part of July 2014!

The Energies of 2014

Moving into the New Energy of 2014!

July sets the stage for the new energetic phase of 2014!  This month is all about transitioning from the old energies of the past few months into the new and taking action! During June, we found ourselves preparing for what is to come, whether that be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually!  I found June an… Continue reading Moving into the New Energy of 2014!

The Energies of 2014

Prepare for Action!!

Whew!  The last few days of June have been tough energetically for many of us and have brought up bouts of clearing!  There are all sorts of things happening this month and I have been trying to get my head around it all so I can write about it!  There have been large solar flares,… Continue reading Prepare for Action!!