2017 Energies

June 2017 Energy Forecast

May was quite an emotional rollercoaster for many of us!  You may have also found other people's emotions running high last month, which had an impact on your own emotional state!  The energy felt chaotic at times and you may have had a few restless nights as our sleep patterns were disrupted!  May was a… Continue reading June 2017 Energy Forecast

The Energies of 2014

What on EARTH is Happening….?

March has been a weird month!  The BIG news that I talked about in my previous posts happened in terms of the threat of war between Russia and the US.  This may not seem like BIG news, but it is and has set part of the tone for 2014 and beyond!  Things are coming to… Continue reading What on EARTH is Happening….?

The Energies of 2014

Times Are Changing… Are YOU listening to YOUR Intuition?

I normally get a nudge or sometimes a great big push from Spirit to write my next energy update depending on how urgent it is and I was surprised I didn't feel that push until today!  However, Spirit said that we needed to get a feel for the new energies of this month and see… Continue reading Times Are Changing… Are YOU listening to YOUR Intuition?

The Energies of 2014

The Time is Now…

We are all experiencing a different kind of vibration right now, which started coming through from 16th Jan.  This new energy we are all feeling is of such a high vibration it is causing world-wide awakening!! The 'proper' light beings are holding open an energetic space for us to let through massive amounts of light. … Continue reading The Time is Now…

The Energies of 2014

The Battle Between Light & Dark!

The energy has been a bit topsy turvy since my last energy update, but as of the 16th Jan the new energy I talked about came through!  During the free healing via Lightworker Community (FB page) I saw a sea of white that represents the new energy that came in. This energy is very beneficial… Continue reading The Battle Between Light & Dark!

The Energies of 2014

January Energy Update

The start to 2014 has been interesting as the energy has felt 'insipid'.  I am using the word 'insipid' to describe these energies as the overall flavour is just that, bland & weak.  Many of us have felt incredibly tired since the start of January, yet we are also feeling bursts of high vibrational energy… Continue reading January Energy Update

The Energies of 2014

2014 Energies

2013 was the year of 'magic, beginnings and evolution'.  It was the year to step on to our true paths so we could begin to follow our dreams.  2013 was also the year to begin anew by releasing the old and realising that it is a time of great change for all of humanity. I… Continue reading 2014 Energies