2018 Energies

August 2018 Energy Forecast & the Lions Gate

August is not quite as intense as July, however there is still a lot going on, so be prepared for some more big energy periods throughout the month! There are lots of planets still in retrograde, which help us to slow down and reflect before moving forward. However, the energy may make you feel impulsive,… Continue reading August 2018 Energy Forecast & the Lions Gate

2017 Energies

Happy Lions Gate!

Happy Lions Gate!!! I normally don't share my write-up of my events on my blog, but felt the information that came through today could help others know what areas of the body to focus on to help them with their own healing this month and the last part with the white lions was very special,… Continue reading Happy Lions Gate!

2017 Energies

August 2017 Energy Forecast

August is going to be one of the biggest energy month's of the year!!  It is a month of change, clearing, endings and connecting back with our true selves!  There will be shifts in our minds, bodies and souls.  So, expect the unexpected!   There is so much happening energetically and astrologically during August I felt… Continue reading August 2017 Energy Forecast

Energies of 2015

August Energies

The energies recently have been rather emotional for many of us as there has been so much going on energetically!  It has been stirring up old memories, past hurts, realisations about ourselves, other people and the way we live our lives that may not have been clear previously!  It has all been a lot to… Continue reading August Energies