2017 Energies, Spiritual Articles

Ho’oponopono Song

As I wrote in my November Energy Forecast, this month has a wonderful energy to aid any forgiveness work we want to do. A lot of the emotional challenges that are coming up for us can be helped and cleared by forgiving ourselves! When we forgive ourselves, we clear the old energy from us and… Continue reading Ho’oponopono Song

2016 Energies

November 2016 Energy Forecast Part 2!

As usual time is flying by and I realised I needed to write another November energy update as there has been so much going on! 11.11 was a big date that really propelled us all forward on all levels!  I found the period from 11th to 19th November a very emotional time as so much… Continue reading November 2016 Energy Forecast Part 2!

2016 Energies

November 2016 Energy Forecast

Happy November and what a month this will be!! October was another challenging month with lots of releasing happening for many of us as we got back into balance!  I especially felt it around my Throat Chakra.  The spiritual lesson of the Throat Chakra is  "To learn to take responsibility for our own needs and… Continue reading November 2016 Energy Forecast

Energies of 2015

November 2015 Energies

I am so glad that we have all got through October relatively unscathed!!  It was a tough month energetically and now we are in the freshness of November!  However, this month may feel brighter and lighter, but there is still so much happening! Trying to describe this month's energy had my brain in a bit… Continue reading November 2015 Energies