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Celebrate the Solstice!

The Solstice, also known as Litha, happens this week, on the 21st June 2018. What is the Solstice and why is it also know as Litha?  Ancient cultures knew that the sun’s path across the sky, the length of daylight, and the location of the sunrise and sunset all shifted in a regular way throughout the… Continue reading Celebrate the Solstice!

2017 Energies

June 2017 Energy Forecast

May was quite an emotional rollercoaster for many of us!  You may have also found other people's emotions running high last month, which had an impact on your own emotional state!  The energy felt chaotic at times and you may have had a few restless nights as our sleep patterns were disrupted!  May was a… Continue reading June 2017 Energy Forecast

Energies of 2015

Summer Solstice – June Energies Part 2!

I felt the urge to write about the solstice today as the energies are gaining intensity as we work our way through June!  The solstice feels like a turning point and I wanted to share what I am getting through from Spirit as well as take the opportunity to celebrate how far we have come!… Continue reading Summer Solstice – June Energies Part 2!