2018 Energies

2018 Energy Forecast

Happy New Year! I am so happy to welcome in 2018! 2017 was a challenging year for so many of us and the last week of December was especially intense as we received a huge influx of light codes helping us to shift, clear and expand. This is one of the reasons I am a… Continue reading 2018 Energy Forecast

The Energies of 2013

Lightworker Mission

I don't normally post pictures, but was guided to add this one! Love Sarah ♥

Spiritual Articles

What is an Attunement and How Can It Help You?

I wanted to write this article as an attunement is a wonderful way to give yourself healing and to enable you to grow spiritually. It is my belief and that of many others, that receiving an attunement is a faster way to heal or clear yourself than just enjoying a healing session from a healer.… Continue reading What is an Attunement and How Can It Help You?

Spiritual Articles

What are ‘Spirit Guides’ & ‘Guardian Angels’?

‘Spirit guides' is a term that covers a number of different types of spiritual beings. In my view these include Ascended Masters, Angels, Elementals, Gaia, God, Archangels, Goddesses and loved ones that are now in Heaven. Some people will say that not all of these are spirit guides, but I believe whoever comes through to… Continue reading What are ‘Spirit Guides’ & ‘Guardian Angels’?

Spiritual Articles

How Can You Tell If You Are An Old Soul?

Generally speaking, we are all old souls, but some of us have been here longer than others!! Have you ever thought that some people are very wise for their age? It’s probably because they are an old soul!! The reasons I know I am an old soul are because; I have had so many past… Continue reading How Can You Tell If You Are An Old Soul?

Spiritual Articles

What is a Soul Group?

Each of us belong to a soul group or soul family and their purpose is to provide loving support and also to help us to learn our life lessons! Many have been with us in previous lives and we have also spent time with them in the ethereal realms. While we’re on the ‘other side’,… Continue reading What is a Soul Group?