2016 Energies

November 2016 Energy Forecast Part 2!

As usual time is flying by and I realised I needed to write another November energy update as there has been so much going on! 11.11 was a big date that really propelled us all forward on all levels!  I found the period from 11th to 19th November a very emotional time as so much… Continue reading November 2016 Energy Forecast Part 2!

2016 Energies

October 2016 Energy Forecast

Happy October!!  What a month September was and I am starting to feel the shift in energies as I write this, which is a welcome relief after last month's intensity!  What I found interesting already about this month is that I didn't feel the new energies of October until today!  I wanted to write my… Continue reading October 2016 Energy Forecast

Energies of 2015

Summer Solstice – June Energies Part 2!

I felt the urge to write about the solstice today as the energies are gaining intensity as we work our way through June!  The solstice feels like a turning point and I wanted to share what I am getting through from Spirit as well as take the opportunity to celebrate how far we have come!… Continue reading Summer Solstice – June Energies Part 2!

The Energies of 2014

Prepare for Action!!

Whew!  The last few days of June have been tough energetically for many of us and have brought up bouts of clearing!  There are all sorts of things happening this month and I have been trying to get my head around it all so I can write about it!  There have been large solar flares,… Continue reading Prepare for Action!!

The Energies of 2014

Are YOU Ready for Round Two??!

I haven't felt like writing for the last couple of weeks as I have been going through my own challenges and the intensity of these energies have knocked me for six!  The last couple of days have been a little easier as the energy has settled slightly, which has given us some breathing space to… Continue reading Are YOU Ready for Round Two??!

The Energies of 2014

We need to WAKE UP!

This video is called '4 mins that will change your life!' I am posting this as Earth needs us NOW! All the images shown below is why WE need to bring in more LIGHT! Love Sarah ♥ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vg0yq5qbw4

The Energies of 2014

Energy Shift Alert!!

I felt guided to write another energy update because we had another shift on 29th March and it was a BIG one! The energy is shifting the planet and propelling us forward!  We are all being speeded up again as we shift into the new energies that are coming through.  For Spirit, there is no… Continue reading Energy Shift Alert!!